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Welcome to San Mateo Union High School District's Summer School 2017


Summer school is organized into two separate sessions.  


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Attendance policy and other information can be found here: Parent and Student information



Hello All Hungry Summer School Students!

Learning does not end when school lets out.  Neither does the need for good nutrition.  Please click here for the Summer School menu.  


Announcing 2016 Summer Breakfast and Lunch Program available to all students and children in the San Mateo-Foster City community. Please click here for more information - it is free to all children between the ages of 1 and 18 & runs through July 29th.  Para espanol, marque aqui.  




Compass Learning Overview

COMPASS LEARNING: This class will utilize an online website as the primary source of material.  The website is .  Your username will be your permanent student ID # and your password will be your home school.  Also, please note that when you login you need to enter PeninsulaHS as the school code.  Please be careful with this information as you would not want someone to be able to access your account. 

When you first log in, you will see your class as well as other icons (these other icons, such as portfolio will be explained by your teacher) on the left side of the screen.  You can click on your class to access assignments, be sure to only do work for classes for which there are assignments.

The information is presented by topic (Compass calls them assignments) & for most topics there is a quiz (called AQs).  In addition, after a few assignments and AQs, there will probably be a Lesson Quiz or Chapter Test.  These are assessments that will cover a number of activities.  One of the best ways to review for Lesson Quizzes and Chapter Tests is by looking at the My Portfolio section of Compass, in which you can review previous quizzes.

Generally, classes are organized into folders, with a number of activities within folders.  The content within the activities themselves is mostly video lectures and other media within videos (graphics and cartoons are the most engaging).   In addition, there are reading sections with more details than the videos and review sections that test comprehension.  There are often key ideas that are highlighted within the videos and review sections that would serve as notes for the class

DIRECT INSTRUCTION: In order to support you and to ensure that students are completing their own work, you are required to come into your class three times a week.  Two days of the week are designated time for you to work on the Compass material in class.  It is very important to attend these days because your teacher will provide you with support so that you can be successful.  If you have specific questions on the content, your teacher can answer them as well as give guidance on key topics for which you should take notes

One day will be organized around a specific topic to support or expand on the Compass content.  Your teacher will have specific activities for you to complete on these days.

ATTENDANCE : As stated above you are required to attend class four days a week.  Two days will be direct instruction and the other two will be Compass based instruction.   Students may be dismissed for excessive tardies and/or absences. Students will be dropped on the 4th absence.  Keep in mind that three tardies equal one absence.

PARENT LOG IN: Parents can access the Compass system if they contact their student's teacher via email or phone.  A parent can monitor a student's progress by looking at student reports once teachers have made a parent log in.

CHEATING: Any student caught cheating will automatically be dropped  from the summer Compass program. All incidents will be reported to your home school and become a part of you permanent academic record. There are no exceptions or second chances.



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Lunch Program

The cafeteria is open during  brunch every day from 10:30-10:50.  Click here  for more information.